Estik Film


  • Produced in monolayers or coextruded
  • Various widths
  • Manual or Automatic use (with tube)
  • Capacity up to 420% of stretching
Estik line Presentation Specifications
Usage Thickness (microns) Width Weight (Kg)
Manual/Automatic 30 µ 500mm 4 (manual)
10 (Automatic)
Manual/Automatic 25 µ 500mm 4/5 (manual)
10/14 (Automatic)
Manual/Automatic 20 µ 500mm 4 (manual)
10 (Automatic)
Manual/Automatic 17 µ 500mm 4 (manual)
10 (Automatic)


  • Ensure, protect and facilitate the handling and transport of an infinity of products.
  • Ensure the storage and transport of loads in a fast and safe way.

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